Empleo joven: Marketing Manager

Descripción general de la oportunidad

Manages all marketing, develops and implements strategies, and oversees the marketing budget. Taakes steps ti measure, enhance, and enrich the position and image of a company through various goals and objectives. Duties: Write copy for all marketing, including product descriptions, social media, e-mail and websites, Evaluate market research and competiror data to manage online brand and product campaigns to raise brand awareness, Oversee the social media strategy for the company and engage with customers through it, and update and monitor the daily basis for both positive and negative comments.

Detalles de la oportunidad

Tipo de oportunidad: Empleo joven

Área funcional: Mercadeo y Ventas

  • Salario: 2000

Edad: De 20 a 28 años

Género: Indiferente

Idiomas requeridos
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Descripción del aplicante

Bachelor's degree in marketing Strong and understandind of current marketing, social media platforms. highly creative Excellent command of english language (Mandatory) Proactive

Experiencia laboral

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    Gerente de Mercadeo

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Carreras requeridas
  • licenciatura en administración de empresas

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    Universidad Completa/Graduado

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